Launching A New Site

Imediasee Next Generation


This is a temporary website for Imediasee while we prepare to launch a new website in conjunction with our transition to our next generation streaming platform.

Our old site has been retired. Existing customers have been transitioned to the new platform and may manage their account at We have temporarily suspended new customer sign ups while we transition to a new e-commerce platform.

Our new platform provides better streaming service to more devices than ever before, plus enables us to roll out additional features in the future.

Goodbye RTMP - Hello HLS

The Imediasee streaming service previously used Adobe Flash's RTMP as its primary streaming protocol. When we launched in 2007, RTMP was the best way to provide a quality streaming service to the vast majority of devices which supported Adobe's Flash Player. Times have changed. Large numbers of users now consume video on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, most of which do not support Flash. Apple, which led the way away from RTMP by refusing to support it on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, introduced their own streaming protocol called "HTTP Live Streaming", or HLS for short, and submitted it to the IETF for ratification as a public standard. Although the HLS standard has yet to be ratified, HLS has since become the de-facto standard for streaming video on the Internet.

HLS provides many benefits such as better firewall penetration and support for Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streaming, which is an improvement over the Dynamic Streaming approach supported on RTMP.

HLS is natively supported on most iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as in Safari on Mac OSX. In most PC browsers HLS support is provided via Adobe's Flash Player, similar to how RTMP is supported.

With this transition Imediasee has switched to HLS as its primary streaming protocol and dropped support for RTMP.

Existing active Imediasee customers have already been transitioned to the new platform. Prior customers wishing to reactivate their accounts please email Support. New customers please check back soon to take advantage of this next generation platform.